bonded twistflex retainer

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Bonded (fixed) Retainer

Fixed retainers are a valuable way to ensure secure post treatment orthodontic positions of the front teeth, particularly in adult orthodontic treatment. The custom made retainer is bonded (cemented) to the back of the front teeth in their final position after fixed orthodontic brackets and archwires have been removed. A technician will make a custom made fixed retainer to fit accurately to back of upper or lower teeth, impressions are required to be taken by a dentist.

Bonded Retainer Jigs

The above example is a ‘S4S Bonded Retainer Jig’, designed to save the clinician significant time when placing the wire in the patients mouths. The jig simply clicks into place, holding the wire in situ ‘Hands free’ whilst the wire is bonded in place with dental composite.


  • Post Orthodontic Treatment Retention
  • Popular for Adult patients
  • Stabilising mobile teeth
  • Reducing relapse of heavily rotated teeth

Construction requirements

  1. Impression in alginate for arch requiring the retainer

Further Information

Bonded fixed retainers are very commonly fitted orthodontic retainers. Most adults undertaking orthodontic treatment may require permanent retention following the removal of their brackets and archwires. Fixed Retainers are made in our Orthodontic Laboratory Department by skilled Dental technicians. Bonded fixed retainers are also known as; Twist Flex, Co-ax retainers, fixed retainers

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