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Dr. Sheibani Nia graduated from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical sciences (Tehran) with a DDS degree in 1985, Master of Orthodontics MSc, Board Certified (1998), and 3-year Fellowship of Ortho- surgery (2014). He was a faculty member of the Dental school of Tehran University of Medical Sciences between the years of 1988-1994. Dr. Sheibani Nia has been working in Orthodontic Department at dental school of Azad University (Tehran) since 22 years ago with degrees of Instructor, Assistant Professor and Associate Professor. He has been teaching at this University in both levels of undergraduate and postgraduate. Dr. Sheibani had presentations in different orthodontic societies in Iran, APOC 2018 in (Boracay) Philippine, Macau University, Europe and USA. During the last 25 years, he has successfully passed more than 40 courses in the field of Orthodontics, Methodology of Research, Implantology and Computer such as Matlab, ASP, ASP.net, Visual Basic v6, MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster for SUN Company), Adobe Photoshop CS4, Corel Draw x3 and 3D Studio Max 6.0 and so on. He has written a book in the field of Methodology of Research (in Farsi) and has published over 40 Articles in English and Persian journals, as well as more than 30 presentations in Persian and English languages. In addition, he has 10 articles under publishing in ISI and PubMed journals. His research interests are in the general area of Orthodontics (tissue engineering), particularly in Orthodontics software and Methodology of Research. He has designed numerous kinds of software in the field of Orthodontics with the collaboration of his students. His four projects have been accepted as Iranian patents and one of them is going to be US patent (cited as Applicant in Google patent site). Dr. Sheibani Nia has attended in many congress as lecturer, organizer and as the manager of orthodontic panel. Dr. Sheibani Nia teaches dentofacial problems, Orthodontics and cleft lip & palate in the orthodontic Department 3 days a week, Moreover, He is treating the same patients at his office. He is a member of the World Federation of Orthodontics, American Association of Orthodontists, European Orthodontic Society, Iranian Dental Association and Iranian Association of Orthodontists. Dr. Ahmad Sheibani Nia has also been the organizer / co-organizer of some international and national congresses and seminars, including orthodontic congresses. Dr. Sheibani is a member of the Cranio Maxillofacial Research Center of School of Dentistry of Azad University of Medical Sciences. He is a member of the world Federation of Orthodontists, the Iranian, American and European Orthodontists Association.


  • The process of examining and analyzing maloclusion using the Brightness change of the Flat monitor
  • Making clear plastic handmade to eliminate dentofacial maloclusion
  • Creation of a device for diagnosis of dentofacial maloclusion
  • Force eruption of teeth by orthodontic device for post and core for fixed prosthesis treatment

Research project (study of the accuracy of the methodology of articles in the Iranian dental journals)

Title of Book:  Problem Oriented Research


  • Introduction and Review of Objectives And content of bookIntroduction
  • Find out the question of main Problem and titleChapter 1
  • Selection of problemChapter 2
  • Statement of ProblemChapter 3
  • Literature Review and criticize of themChapter 4
  • General purpose and method of researchChapter 5
  • General purpose, specific goals and research HypothesisChapter 6
  • research variables, Imposed Var., measuring tools of VarChapter 7
  • The study population, sample size and samplingChapter 8
  • Research Method, technique of data collectionChapter 9
  • Management, Timing and budget of Research grantsChapter 10
  • statistics and dummy TablesChapter 11
  • Reports of ResearchChapter 12
  • Articles and Related ThesisAttachments