What is Fixed Orthodontics?

What is fixed orthodontics?

Do you have misaligned teeth? Have you ever considered orthodontics? Fixed orthodontics is a subfield of orthodontics in dentistry that includes the treatment of misaligned teeth and the improvement of jaw bone problems. In today’s world, with the advancement of orthodontic treatment tools and methods, the use of traditional metal braces will no longer be the only treatment option. In this article from Dr. Ahmad Sheibani Nia’s website, we will examine the types of fixed orthodontics and their characteristics.

Types of fixed orthodontics

In today’s world, a variety of fixed orthodontic procedures are used for jaw problems, the choice of which depends on the orthodontist’s treatment.

  • Fixed metal brackets

Fixed metal braces have been used since ancient times, but today they have a lighter weight and structure. These braces have metal brackets that are placed on each tooth and all of them are connected by orthodontic wire and by pressing on the teeth, they cause the teeth to move slowly in their right place. The wires are attached to the brackets by rubber bands and these cords are replaced at each turn.

  • Self-adjusting braces

These types of braces are made of metal or ceramic and have many advantages. Self-adjusting brackets use an integrated mechanism instead of a cache.

  • Fixed orthodontics behind the teeth

Fixed invisible orthodontics

In this method, orthodontic appliances are not seen on the teeth. For this reason, this method has been welcomed by many applicants. This type of orthodontics requires a clear, beautiful appearance and less time for a visit. Invisible fixed orthodontics can be used in three forms: invisible lingual orthodontics, invisible orthodontics with clear plaques and invisible orthodontics with tooth-colored brackets.

Fixed color orthodontics

There is no method called fixed color orthodontics, but this type of orthodontics means plastic rings called O-rings that are available in different colors. When different colors of these rings are used, the word color orthodontics has become common. Choosing the best orthodontic color is completely personal and tasteful, but you should be careful in choosing it and consider your natural features such as hair, skin and eye color.

Fixed ceramic orthodontics

In the advanced world of dentistry, new brackets have been produced that are the same color as the teeth and are made of ceramic. These brackets prevent anyone from noticing your orthodontic treatment. Over time, as a result of eating colored substances such as coffee and tea, ceramic brackets change color and are not very aesthetically pleasing. Also, the treatment time of these brackets is longer than the fixed metal type, and due to their ceramic material, they may be damaged and broken due to pressure. This type of orthodontics has a higher cost and is more difficult to care for.

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