crouzon syndrome

Crouzon syndrome

Crouzon syndrome occurs in about one of every 100,000 births, and also varies considerably in severity.

What is Crouzon Syndrome?Crouzon Syndrome is a condition resulting from premature fusion of the sutures of the skull and deformity of the skull. Characteristics include:

  1. skull is prematurely fused and unable to grow normally (craniosynostosis)
  2. bulging wide -set eyes due to shallow eye sockets (ocular proptosis)
  3. a small underdeveloped upper jaw (maxilla)
  4. downward slanting eyelids
  5. curved, parrot -like nose
  6. high, narrow, arched palate

Crouzon Syndrome with Acanthosis Nigricans (AN) is found in an estimated 5-10% of all Crouzon cases.

What kinds of problems could my child have?

In addition to the physical characteristics common to Crouzon Syndrome, your child may have the following problems:

  • dental problems due to crowded teeth and a narrow palate

poor vision

ear disease and hearing loss in about 50% of children

difficulty breathing due to small airway

possible fluid on the brain (hydrocephalus)

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